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Jeffrey P. Aleski, C.A., Dipl. Ac. is a nationally board certified acupuncturist licensed in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

  • Ÿ  Certified (CA) / Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) in NJ / NY / PA
  • Ÿ  Diplomate in Acupuncture (Dipl. Ac.)
  • Ÿ  Over 20 years experience as an acupuncturist
  • Ÿ  Graduate of the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine in Montclair, NJ – 2002
  • Ÿ  Studied: TCM Acupuncture; Japanese (Kiiko Matsumoto style) Acupuncture; Five Element Style Acupuncture; Trigger Point Therapy Acupuncture
  • Ÿ  Learned: Tui Na (Chinese massage); Sotai (Japanese Physical Therapy); Moxibustion; Cupping; Gwasha; Electro-acupuncture; Facial rejuvenation
  • Ÿ  Trained in Chinese Southern Shaolin kung fu, Hung Ga style, since mid – 1980’s
  • Ÿ  Kung fu black belt (Jo Gow) level
  • Ÿ  Knows Qigong (Chinese energy exercises) and the 6 Healing Sounds
  • Ÿ  MS Degree in Bacteriology, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY – 1983
  • Ÿ  BS Degree in Medical Technology, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ – 1975
  • Ÿ  Over 20 years experience as a clinical / industrial microbiologist


Some insurance accepted. Call for details - 732-881-3562.