North Brunswick

Central Jersey Acupuncture Offers Alternative Medicine in North Brunswick, NJ

It can be stressful trying to eradicate pain or other medical ailments after several types of therapies have failed. Central Jersey Acupuncture offers alternative medicine, in North Brunswick, New Jersey, so you can finally relieve the pain and begin living your life again.

We employ nationally board certified acupuncturists, providing services for a myriad of health issues, including infertility, anxiety, and pain. Whether you’re looking for breathing exercises, Qigong, nutritional advice, or simply pain relief, Central Jersey Acupuncture has the ability and desire to help you.

Our treatment plans are developed based on each individual and your particular ailment. We believe successful treatments come with attention to your own body and condition.

Contact us today to learn about our alternative medicine options, so you can have your ailments addressed and / or find relief from your pain as soon as possible.  So, call for an appointment in the North Brunswick, NJ office to get started on your healing and get your life back.  Remember – pain is not a lifestyle

Some insurance accepted. Call for details - 732-881-3562.