Understanding Acupuncture Therapy

August 31st, 2017

Acupuncture Therapy FactsFor those of you who aren’t familiar with acupuncture, you might find the idea sticking small needles into the body an odd concept.

However, acupuncture is effectively used to promote healing, treat certain ailments, cope with stress, and many other health concerns.

In fact, acupuncture, as a method of healing, has been practiced since ancient times, dating back centuries. It is an ancient system of Chinese medicine to treat specific health issues.

In a traditional acupuncture treatment, the patient would consult with the technician about what has been troubling them and/or where their pain is coming from. Once the acupuncturist identified the patient’s pain points and concerns, they will insert hair-thin needles into certain pressure points all over the body.

Acupoints, which are the pressure points where the needles are inserted, are located near nerve endings that are all interconnected along meridians. For instance, if you are experiencing back pain, an acupuncturist might not insert needles directly into your back but along a meridian that corresponds with the area instead.

Inserting the needles helps the body to stimulate the nervous system. Your brain will slowly begin to release endorphins and serotonin in response to the miniscule injury that occurred on your skin due to the needles. Your blood stream carries endorphins and serotonin throughout your body, delivering them to the specific acupoints.

Recent studies performed on acupuncture patients in the US have found promising results that acupuncture is successful in treating a number of issues; acupuncturists will tell you that they knew this without the proof of a study.

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