Health News – The Season of Late Summer

August 14th, 2013

Late summer is considered the season of the Earth element in Chinese medicine.  The 2 organs associated with this time of year are the Stomach (yang organ) and the Spleen (yin organ).  These organs are now most active, accessible, and also prone to problems.

According to Eastern medicine the Stomach and Spleen are involved with the transformation and transportation of food and fluids.  In particular the Spleen keeps blood circulating in its vessels, transports energy and blood to your muscles and limbs, lifts the body’s Qi keeping the internal organs in place so they don’t prolapse or sag, and governs our ability for thinking.

Tips to keep your Stomach and Spleen healthy and working as best as possible: (1) Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains; (2) Eat sweets in moderation as too many will have an adverse effect on the Spleen; (3) Don’t over eat which impairs and slows digestion; (4) Avoid eating late at night as this has an adverse effect on digestion; (5) Sit down and relax to eat – don’t eat while standing, are on the run, or emotionally upset; (6) Always chew your food very well to mix with your saliva (contains digestive enzymes) to help your body better break down and utilize your food; (7) Don’t drink too many liquids with your meal as this will dilute the digestive enzymes putting a strain on your digestive system.  

The Earth element provides the body with nourishment and support. Adopting a few new eating habits may improve the functioning of your digestive tract and thus improvement in the overall health of your body.

Hope you all enjoy this season of abundance in good health!

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